The Garden Club of Richfield Springs

"Let It Grow..."

2013 marked the 75th year that the Garden Club has been serving the community. Rose Master and Lottie Haskins met with other charter member on June 27, 1938 to form this club; their common thread was a deep interest in horticulture and gardening. In 1940, the Club affiliated with Garden Clubs of New York State. Through these years of service, this interest has paid off. Despite changing membership it has continually added projects and traditions to the village that has made a difference to the people of Richfield Springs and to those who pass along Route 20 to other destinations.

As you approach the village from the west, you see two crabapple trees planted in the Memorial Park. One was planted by the Garden Club as part of a national project to give thanks to our military service people. The Patriotic Tree was planted in 2007 as part of this project and as an addition to an ongoing planting of crabapple trees throughout the community. In 2012, a Blue Star Memorial, part of another national project honoring military personnel, was added to the park.

As you approach the school, you see a flagpole garden full of bulbs, annuals and hostas.. The Garden Club provides the planting of and seasonal displays in the urns in front of the school and the planter under the sign in the traditional RSCS colors of purple and gold. During the Christmas season, a large wreath adorns the front of the school thanks to a project taken on by the club and generous financial assistance from Jim Jordan. It is in memory of his mother who was an active member of the Garden Club for many years. Behind the school in the courtyard, a new perennial bed was provided by the Garden Club in 2007.  The plants were donated by a long-time Richfield resident. The students use this garden for learning experiences in several different classes. 

A quick head-turn to the right and you see the library plantings and the NYS award-winning Colonial Herb Garden started in 1976. The herb garden is maintained by the Garden Club.  Seasonal plantings are provided in the urns at the entrance to the library which serves as the Club's home base. Meetings are usually  held in the Memorial Room. For many years members provide fresh floral arrangements for the main room. Now the club provides special displays during certain times of the Easter Egg Tree in the spring...a festive Christmas Tree during Advent...and a themed Christmas show at least every other year in the Memorial Room. 

When you come to the four corners, there on the left sits the restored town clock. The Garden Club has maintained the plantings around it for many years, as well as around the bandstand in the center of the park. Due to recent regulations and village decisions, the plantings around the bandstand were curtailed. In 2006-7, a massive planting of spring bulbs and lovely rose bushes and shrubs were planted around the clock. The cost was taken on by the village and club. A generous donation of bulbs was provided by Kinney Drugs. The Garden Club maintains the area.